M.L. Walker

From CHUTZ-POW!: Superheroes of the Holocaust Volume III

Pen and ink drawing reproduced on vinyl

This illustration from the Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh’s CHUTZ-POW! Superheroes of the Holocaust Volume III: The Young Survivors shows Shulamit Bastacky briefly telling her story of survival.

CHUTZ-POW! SUPERHEROES OF THE HOLOCAUST is an acclaimed and ongoing comic-book series by the Holocaust Center. It positions stories of UpStanders’ courage, resilience, and sacrifice at the forefront of Holocaust awareness. Each volume has a theme and is written and illustrated anthology-style by award-winning creatives. With high-quality and historically-accurate writing and illustration, these stories defy the expectations of traditional superhero comic books or Holocaust education. 

CHUTZ-POW! is appropriate for general and scholastic audiences ages 12 and up. There are currently four volumes in the series, with more planned for the future. Learn more: 

Marcel L. (M.L.) Walker is a Pittsburgh, PA-based freelance artist specializing in graphic prose (a.k.a. “comic books”), illustration, and graphic design. He’s an expert on social applications for the graphic-prose arts, with a mission of championing comic books as a force for social good. He is the lead artist and project coordinator of the CHUTZ-POW! series.

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