OpticVoices: Roots (In Remembrance)

Emmai Alaquiva

OpticVoices: Roots (In Remembrance)

This piece from OpticVoices: Roots features Tree of Life’s Rabbi Hazzan Jeffrey Myers.

The “Roots” installment in the OpticVoices series was created in partnership with the Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh. “Roots” highlights the faces that make up our communities, showing that for us to move forward, we must understand the past.  The exhibit encourages viewers to find beauty in the everyday lives of people.

The OpticVoices series does not provide captioning on individual pieces. Instead, it charges the viewer with creating their own. As photographer Emmai Alaquiva states on the OpticVoices site:

“Once the audience views the image; they are charged with captioning the photos…fostering conversations that lead to social change; the Optic is provided and you provide the Voice.”

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