Military Invasion of Amiens Photographs

Unidentified Photographer

German Military Unit Parading Through the Streets of France
Amiens, France
May 1942

Donated by David Rosenberg

These photos, taken in May 1942, depict a German anti-aircraft (FLAK Luftwaffe) unit that stayed in Amiens, France. They were taken by an unidentified photographer and formed part of a scrapbook. The six small photos show the unit being read the orders for the day by an officer and parading through Amiens. 

The photos stand out when juxtaposed with the worsening situation of the Jewish residents. One week after these photographs were taken, legislation passed that forced all Jews over age six to wear the Yellow Star. 

Three weeks after these photographs were taken, the infamous Vel d’Hiv roundup took place. The Vélodrome d’Hiver (or “Vél d’Hiv”) roundup was the largest French deportation of Jews during the Holocaust. In two days, some 13,152 Jews (including more than 4,000 children) were arrested and deported to concentration camps.

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