Die Nurnberger Gesetze

Die Nurnberger Gesetze
Photograph of artifact reproduced on vinyl

US Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Hillel at Kent State

(Title Translation: Nuremberg Race Laws)

“In the fall of 1935, German Jews lost their citizenship according to the definitions posed in these new regulations. Only “full” Germans were entitled to the full protection of the law. This chart was used to aid Germans in understanding the laws. White circles represent “Aryan” Germans, black circles represent Jews, and partially shaded circles represent “mixed raced” individuals. The chart has columns explaining the “Deutschbluetiger” [German-bloods], “Mischling 2. Grades” [Half-breeds 2. Grade], “Mischling 1. Grades” [Half-breeds 1. Grade], and “Jude” [Jew].”

-United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

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