Coming to the Holocaust Center

During the rededication at the JCC. Photo source: Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh archive

In 1999, a dwindling congregation caused Tree of Life-Sfard Synagogue to permanently close its doors. Before the congregation folded, they donated Jakob’s Torah to the Rudolph Family Holocaust Center, known today as the Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh. The Holocaust Center installed the Torah in the Jewish Community Center (JCC) in Squirrel Hill, where it was located at the time. The Torah continued to remain on display at the JCC for another 20 years, until construction in the space once again necessitated its move. 

The Torah at the JCC. Source: Pittsburgh Torah Scrolls Project

The Holocaust Center, which has since left the JCC, is thrilled to reunite the Torah with the rest of our archive and bring its story to life in new ways for the next generation.

The Torah will soon be housed in the Holocaust Center’s public exhibit space at Chatham University in the Jennie King Mellon Library. Once installed, it will be viewed behind glass during regular library hours, and special tours can be arranged by appointment.

Jakob’s Torah being inspected by a conservator before displaying it to the public once more. Photo source: Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh archive

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