After the War

After the war, Jakob Weinblum travelled to New York City to make a new life in the United States. He entrusted the Torah to his brother, Siggy Weinblum, who once again carried the Torah with him in a duffel bag when he immigrated to San Francisco. Eventually, Siggy reunited Jakob with the Torah.

While living in New York City, Jakob visited the synagogues in the area and looked for one that would take in his Torah. However, because the Torah was no longer considered kosher–too damaged for ritual use and some of the letters had been smudged–none of the synagogues would take it. 

The Torah would stay in Jakob’s house for the next 30 years. During this time, Jakob started a family and a life in New York City, while his brother Siggy moved to Pittsburgh with his own family.

Jakob Weinblum as a young man. Photo courtesy of Marilyn Weinblum.

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