A Home for the Torah

In 1977, on a visit to see his brother, Jakob meet with Rabbi Sydney Rackoff of the Tree of Life- Sfard Synagogue in White Oak, PA. Rabbi Sydney Rackoff was amazed to hear about the Torah that Jakob had rescued and was thrilled to take it for his synagogue. Jakob brought the Torah to the Tree of Life-Sfard Synagogue where they held a ceremony and celebration in its honor. It was decorated with a new cover dedicated to Jakob’s grandchildren and was dedicated under a Chuppah, a ceremonial canopy representative of the Jewish home. It was around this time that the Torah of Forst (Lausitz) started to be called “Jakob’s Torah”. 

Unfortunately, two months after the ceremony, Jakob Weinblum passed away suddenly at the age of 56.

The Torah remained in White Oak for the next 22 years.

Tree of Life Sfard Synagogue. Photo courtesy of the Rauh Jewish Archives of the Heinz History Center.
Jakob’s daughter-in-law and grandchildren at the dedication of Jakob’s Torah at Tree of Life Sfard. Photo courtesy of Marilyn Weinblum.
The Torah cover from the dedication ceremony in White Oak. Photo from Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh archive.

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