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For You Were Strangers: Jewish Immigration to Pittsburgh, 1880-1990

This site is a digital version of the exhibit For You Were Strangers: Jewish Immigration to Pittsburgh, 1880-1990. This original exhibit was produced by the Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh and premiered in our gallery space in February 2020. By reproducing it here, we hope to give wider access to this information to the general public.

Please be sure to credit any quotes from this exhibit to the Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh. Image rights are reserved and may not be reproduced without permission from their owners.

The exhibit was researched, designed, and produced by Jackie Reese, Marketing and Education Associate at the Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh. If you have questions about the exhibit, please email jreese@hcpgh.org. For press inquiries, please contact Dr. Lauren Bairnsfather, Director of the Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh, at lbairnsfather@hcpgh.org

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